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Hello! Chibiusa here! I want to tell you all about Pink Power Pink is my favorite favorite color - but besides that it's my word for Spirit Spunk Sprite and Power!!! SOOOO, here's who and what *I* think have that elusive magic I call : The Pink....

The Pink
self esteem : "i am special"
self confidence : "i can do it"
self respect : "i'm worth it"
Girl Power
think pink : "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!!"

Chibi's Pink Power Points are on a scale of 1(powerfully pink) ->5(PINK POWER!!)

Pink Power Music

Artist Girl Power Pink Power Chibi's Pink Power Points
Madonna self-re-creating megastar 5
No Doubt Glitter Grrl Gwen Stefani "I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be!!" Lucky me...there's No comparison!" 4
The Spice Girls All Girl Power 4
Hole Babydoll Courtney Love "i wanna be the girl with the most cake" 5
Garbage Glamour Grrl Shirley Manson "I am a bonfire...I am a vampire...I'm waiting for my moment" 3
Juliana Hatfield Angelic Powergirl "Lock me in the basement without a thing to can hurt my body but you can't hurt me." 4
"Mylene Jenius" Chie Kajiura, Tomo Sakurai "Nee doko kara atashitachi wa Orite kita no? Eien no nemuri wo motte kono uchuu e...Shinjitsu no nazo wa shinpi no kioku no naka...Kakurete VEILU ni kieta" 5
Megumi Hayashibura Japan's #1 Idol 3

Lil Actresses

Name Film/TV Pink Power Chibi's Power Points
Natalie Portman The Professional, Heat, Beautiful Girls 4
Kirsten Dunst Little Women, Interview with a Vampire, ER 4
Anna Paquin The Piano, Fly Away Home 4
Cristina Ricci The Addams Family, That Darn Cat, The Ice Storm 5
Katie Holmes Dawson's Creek, The Ice Storm 4
Brandy Moesha, Cinderella (Pop Star) 4
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Full House, It Takes Two 5 squared
Hayley Mills Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, Summer Magic, The Moonspinners 5

Shoujo Anime...Or Not

Title Girl Power Eye Candy Chibi's Pink Power Points
Kodomo No Omacha Sana-chan Rei-kun, Hayama 5
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Pretty Sammy & Pixie Misa Tenchi 4
Saber Marrionette Lime, Cherry & Bloodberry Otaru 3
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Nuku Nuku 2
Gundam Wing Relena Darlian/Peacecraft Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei, Zechs 2
Macross 7 Mylene Jenius, Mayor Millia, Akiko Hojo, Flower Girl Basara, Gamlin, Captain Max 2

...Think Pink...

Pink! Power! Products!

Pink Power Everybody!!

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