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Hello! This is where I keep all my most special pictures! It's my memory book :) ... Enjoy!!

This is my Daddy. He's a hero; the most wonderful man alive. He deserves better than Usagi...but i guess she has some time to grow up, too. Anyway, I love my Daddy more than anyone in the universe.

This is the other man in my life, Prince Elios...isn't he dreamy?


And this is my BEST friend, Hotaru...she doesn't smile all that much because her life is very confusing and sometimes it's scary...a lot like mine really, but I think she's worse off. Puu says she's destined to destroy the planet. But Hotaru would never intentionally hurt anybody not even a firefly!! Trust me...she's the nicest girl I know and my Best BEST friend!!!

sigh. Isn't she beautiful?

And HERE are the pictures of ME !!

Aren't I just the cutest ??!

*Click on thumbnail for Picture*

...Me and Hotaru...

*Coming Soon : Elios own Gallery!!*

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